Bandy's Military Documents
Dr. Chris McCreery was kind enough to send copies of some rare historical documents that give a unique glimpse of Bandy's early military career in the Great War. Click any of the documents for a full-sized view.

Bandy's Attestation Paper from April 26, 1916,
when he signed up for the Canadian
Over-Seas Expeditionary Force.
A document related to Bandy's
Mention In Dispatches
for his 1917
trench raid on his own lines.
The infamous Parachute Memo.
Bandy's demobilization certificate,
which indicates his final rank,
his areas of service,
and his awards and medals.
A letter from the Department of Militia & Defence
regarding Bandy's pension,
and its role in bankrupting the Department.

Dr McCreery, in addition to being a Bandy fan, is a Canadian historian and expert on the Canadian honours system. He has been an advisor to both the Canadian and British governments on honours policy, and has published two books on the subject, The Canadian Honours System, and The Order of Canada : Its Origins, History, and Developments. The historical community should rest assured that Dr McCreery does not make a habit of forging historical documents, but felt that in Bandy's case an exception had to be made.

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