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The Digging Leviathan

Digging Leviathan cover
Published by Ace, 1984.
Ace ISBN 0-441-14800-X
Special signed editions with illustrations printed by Morrigan (UK), 1988.
Morrigan ISBN 1 870338 20 0 Limited edition of 700 copies.
Morrigan ISBN 1 870338 25 1 Limited edition of 300 copies.
Latest edition from Babbage Press, 2002 ISBN 193023516X

The place is California, the time, the present. More or less. Jim Hastings, his possibly-lunatic father, his uncle Edward St. Ives, and his friend Giles Peach, who has gills and is building a machine to take him to the centre of the earth, run afoul of Dr. Frosticos, who has his own plans for Giles and his device. The enigmatic Ashbless (author of the Bedlington Ape's party piece) pursues a private scheme, and we realize we've met Dr. Frosticos elsewhere ... and -when .... (For more on the ubiquitous Ashbless, read Tim Powers' The Anubis Gates.)

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