All the Bells on Earth James P. Blaylock Fantasy Download epub kindle ebook mobi

All the Bells on Earth

All the Bells on Earth
Published by Ace, 1995
ISBN 0-441-00247-1

Ace Paperback, 1997: ISBN: 0-441-00490-3

Three souls are owed to the devil. A golem is ordered from China, along with a demon soul, a pickled bluebird in a jar, which goes astray. Walt Stebbins finds he can wish on the bluebird, but the man who ordered it, the businessman Argyle, is desperate to have it back, believing it to be his one hope of redemption. Evil is abroad in Orange, and while Reverend Bentley, who, not believing in the reality of such a transaction, brokered the sale of the souls, and Father Mahoney walk the streets with holy bells to drive off demons, Argyle engages in a fight for his life and soul.

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