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Night Relics

Night Relics by James P. Blaylock
Ace Books, 1994 (hc) ISBN 0-441-00022-3
Berkley, 1996 (pb) ISBN 0-425-15319-3

Night Relics
is a ghost story about the spirit of a building. Peter, a divorced man embarking on a new romance but unable to let go of the past, moves to a cottage that a couple of generations ago was the setting for a tragedy of possessive obsession and jealousy. His state of mind makes him easy prey for the unquiet past. His ex-wife and son disappear, and Pomeroy, a realistically-loathsome creep, likewise begins to resonate with the emotions of the past. He begins stalking Peter's new girlfriend, Beth. It is she who must finally find a way to separate the entwined events of past and present, before Peter is lost to her forever.

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