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Winter Tides

Winter Tides James Blaylock
Published by Ace, August 1997
ISBN 0-441-00444-X

The landscape of Winter Tides is full of poetry. The story itself is a literary ghost story like Night Relics, a tale of malevolent emotion from the past seeking a receptive agent in the present. Here, though, the theme is envy and the deadly rivalries between siblings. Dave Quinn once rescued Anne Morris from drowning, but failed to save her twin sister Elinor. Now the two of them struggle against Elinor and her all-too-receptive ally, Edmund, the pyschopathic son of their boss, while the theatre for which they both work, the Duke of Gloucester, mounts a production of King Lear (which someone ought to stage in the real world). Anne and Dave are very likable, active heroes, and as usual, Blaylock's complex villains are disturbingly credible.

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