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Topic Summary - Displaying 7 post(s).
Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 28. Nov 2010 at 11:13
The most recent edition of Shiner's Love in Vain also has an introduction by Blaylock.
Posted by: NightRelic Posted on: 27. Nov 2010 at 06:41
I can vouch for Amy Sterling Casil as a writer. I was in an AOL writing group with her a LONG time ago. Her work was beautiful. And I would guess Blaylock fans would enjoy her work from what I remember.
Posted by: cnabokov Posted on: 07. Dec 2005 at 10:42
I know JPB was a surfing buddy of Shiner's, and he and de Lint and Shiner have all expressed admiration for each other's works in blurbs. What the hell, they all deserve recognition.

For example, there's nothing phony about JPB and Powers trading blurbs, which they've done shamelessly--yeah, they're friends and owe one another, but the fact of the matter is that the blurbs are sincere, because both know that the other is a real artist.

And I'd guess JPB's endoresement of Misha falls into the same camp.
Posted by: Silver Posted on: 16. Nov 2005 at 06:41
I'd be careful about assuming that you'd like a book that bears a blurb by an author you like, since those blurbs sometimes seem to be based more on the buddy system more than anything else.  Red Spider White Web is a real case in point -- I'm expecting that Blaylock fans might not like it, and I'm not at all sure that Blaylock liked it, necessarily, so much as he may've just appreciated its quality of writing. His intro in the book seems to beat around the bush. He typically doesn't like dark dystopias, I think, and this one is a pretty dark cyberpunk book, so it makes you wonder.

I like the thread on blurbs, though, and I'll add onto it:

Blaylock writes "An almost post-contemporary, visionary glimpse at an all-too-likely apocalyptic future. A simply stunning book." (for Lewis Shiner's "Deserted Cities of the Heart")

Blaylock writes "You open a de Lint story, and like the interior of a very genial Pandora's box, the atmosphere is suddenly full of deep woods and quaint city streets and a magic that's nowhere near so far removed as Middle-earth." (for Charles de Lint's "The Little Country")
Posted by: Jeff M. Posted on: 15. Nov 2005 at 14:52
Infernal Devices: K.W. Jeter

"This is the real thing - a mad inventor, curious coins, murky London alleys and windblown Scottish Isles ...a wild and extravagant plot that turns up new mysteries with each succeeding page."

-James P. Blaylock

The Drawing of the Dark: Tim Powers

"The seamless and seemingly effortless blend of action and humor, the wonderful characters, the rich settings, the brilliant plot - all of it is perfect."

-James P. Blaylock
Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 16. Jul 2004 at 20:10
I couldn't find a website for Borgo Press, but this one appears in Amazon:

Without Absolution
by Amy Sterling Casil

"Exquisitely written, atmospheric, sad, spooky, and wise, Amy the single most competent writer I’ve worked with in over twenty years of teaching.”
— James P. Blaylock
Posted by: Clarkesworld Books Posted on: 15. Jul 2004 at 06:56
I'm typically not much on blurbs by authors, but I thought it would be interesting to make note of the various people who have Blaylock quotes on their dustjackets.

I'll start with the book that made me start thinking about this... Red Spider White Web by Misha.  The quote on the US edition by Wordcraft is an extract from an afterward he did for the Morrigan edition.

Haven't read it, but probably will.

Any other sightings?