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Topic Summary - Displaying 10 post(s).
Posted by: Swancrash Posted on: 02. Jul 2015 at 20:50
9 posts (well, 10 now) over 11 years, but still an active thread. We may not be the most verbose lot, but we do keep going.
Posted by: Mike Posted on: 08. May 2015 at 22:11
I guess I should have kept my mouth shut.  Oh well, but hey, I uploaded a cool star-ish looking icon as my profile pic Smiley
Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 05. Jan 2015 at 10:25
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in our forum software. Who can really say how it works? There are more quirks in program and code than are dreamt of in our philosophy - to make a hash of the Bard...
Posted by: Swancrash Posted on: 04. Jan 2015 at 05:00
Irony.  Mike began this thread and stated he had three stars under his name.  Upon action being taken, he now has one.  The squeaky wheel sometimes gets the metal filings?
Nah.  Just irony, I think.
Interesting that it took me 2 and a quarter years to draw this conclusion.  Must read posts more carefully (though not for spelling mistakes or missing apostrophes)!  Perhaps doing so will grant me a second star someday!  To dream...
P.S. I did finally find a red ribbon for my form, but I can't make it fit in my printer.
Posted by: Swancrash Posted on: 10. Nov 2012 at 06:15
Thanks for the star, Comrade!  I will now celebrate my ascension with some local cheese and a mug of beer.  As I listen to the local male deer bellowing at each other, I reflect upon stars and am content.  Cheers!
Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 09. Nov 2012 at 11:50
Revolution! The decadent Office of Stars has been overthrown, and a Provisional Star Chamber Committee installed in its place to effect an equitable distribution of stars. From this moment, all members will have one star, except for Comrade Administrator, who shall have five, for as Comrade Napoleon says, "All fans are equal, but some are more equal than others." Further public input on the new star system is welcomed, and may be directed to the Bureau of Resettlement & Re-education (Gulag Dept.).
Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 09. Nov 2012 at 10:49
Applicants may obtain copies of the application at the appropriate office. Information on the office closest to the applicant may be obtained from the Office Information Office, which is in temporary quarters in the sub-basement, fourteenth door along the middle corridor counting from the south-easternmost stairwell, behind the filing cabinet (open 1:45-2:05 pm on Wednesdays except when cleaning staff are operating or during tea breaks, closed August 1-July 15 and on statutory holidays and staff vacations). Applicants must supply their own typewriter and notarized copy-paper to make copies. A red ribbon only is accepted when typing. A nominal fee will be required, payable in exact change (Flanian Pobble Beads only*). Please be prepared to show at least nineteen pieces of identification bearing the applicant's photograph and blood type. Three letters of recommendation in Esperanto from persons currently registered with a minimum of five stars must be presented at the time of application.

*Note: Only New Flanian Pobble Beads are accepted as the Old Flanian Pobble Bead is now deprecated in all transactions.
Posted by: Swancrash Posted on: 09. Nov 2012 at 08:35
I was exploring old topics and I liked this rather brief one, so I thought I'd post on it and bring it to the top again.  
And where can I get this application?  
A suggestion regarding the triplicate requirement: I'd also stipulate that the three copies be produced using carbon paper on a manual typewriter, just for fun.
Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 10. Aug 2004 at 13:06
Only Grand-Masters of the Noble and Ancient Order of Blaylock Fans are entitled to display the Five Mystic Stars of Balumnia. All others must look upon them and despair, or else must submit an application in triplicate on appropriately notarized star-request forms.
Posted by: Mike Posted on: 10. Aug 2004 at 10:56
Why does the Forum administrator have five really cool looking red stars under his name, while the rest of us are stuck with the plain looking yellow stars.  (There are three under my name at the time of this post.)

If I were forum administrator, I would allow members to graduate to the cool red star level at some point.

Then again, I've never been in a position to assign little icons to peoples names like this.  I might very well get power hungry, and take the icons away from others, and take them all to myself.  Or worse yet, assign foolish or humiliating icons to some people, and cool icons to others, and demand money from people to remove their embarassing icons.  I might even go so far as to highlight peoples spelling mistakes, or point out where people are unfamiliar with Blaylock's stories.  

I suppose I should be thankful for the nice little stars I have.