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Topic Summary - Displaying 15 post(s).
Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 24. Dec 2012 at 16:39
There - I changed "other" to "The Aylesford Skull", since it's coming out in a few weeks, in January. I think your vote is fixed once submitted, but you can probably vote a second time as a guest.

And speaking of The Aylesford Skull, has anyone read it already, perhaps in an advanced review copy?
Posted by: jhagman Posted on: 24. Dec 2012 at 07:23
I saw Blaylock and Powers back in March at the Vintage Paperback show in Mission Hills, CA. Blaylock mentioned his new title "Aylesford Skull", but being semi-deaf, I heard "Ales For Skulls" and I thought; "well,,, they would be dry and thirsty bunch, and such a title is perfectly Blaylockian". He must have seen the odd lock I gave him, but I said "Cool"! A true story of a confused fan.
Posted by: Swancrash Posted on: 23. Dec 2012 at 04:50
Great idea.  Must finish Zeuglodon before voting, though.  
Also, if publishing schedules are kept, there'll be another book to add in the next few months, right?  Can we vote again if you insert the Aylesford Skull into the poll and we decide we love it?
Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 21. Dec 2012 at 20:29
New poll! Vote for your favourite book from recent years.
Posted by: Swancrash Posted on: 13. Dec 2012 at 05:15
I would have voted long ago if I’d stumbled across the poll sooner.  Too bad it can’t go on the front page of the Discussion section; it might inspire people to be more…interactive.  It’d be an interesting starting point, anyway.
Still, just adding the new flurry of books sounds like a good idea.
Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 11. Dec 2012 at 16:39
The poll is heading for obsolescence. Should it be updated with the latest books?
Posted by: Swancrash Posted on: 11. Dec 2012 at 04:13
Yea!  2 years after the last posted vote, I've created a tie!  I had to go for the Last Coin-type books.  I loved the Balumnia series, but there's just something so utterly captivating about the Quest for Weetabix, and the whole sense of mystery and conspiracy that envelop people who, though slightly odd, might live next door...and then to discover that their curious suspicions aren't unfounded.  I found myself just constantly charmed by the books.  
In fact, I believe it's time to read them again!
Posted by: NightRelic Posted on: 27. Nov 2010 at 06:31
I suppose I shouldn't really say I haven't read any Balumnia. I did read The Man In The Moon from Subterranean Press, but it's not quite Balumnia proper.
Posted by: NightRelic Posted on: 27. Nov 2010 at 06:26
It's tough for me to pick a favorite. The only ones I haven't read yet are the Balumia series. I love the steampunk books and the Last Coin and Night Relics type books. Personally, I would lump those last two types together, so it was tough for me to choose between the two categories in the poll. My favorite book is probably The Last Coin, but Paper Grail, Homunculus, Lord Kelvin's Machine and All the Bells on Earth are definitely contenders. I still have a soft spot for Night Relics too because it was my first Blaylock experience. I chose Night Relic as my first AOL screen name and it has been my ID on line all over the place ever since.
Posted by: Dooly Posted on: 08. Jan 2010 at 16:10
I'm with you - if there is a life after death, I really hope I end up in Twombly Town.
Posted by: faere Posted on: 07. Dec 2009 at 14:12
i have read only the Balunia series, also. if i could live there, I would pack my bags today. i do plan to find the other books at some point. i am still hoping that JPB will one day consent to go back to that land and produce more writings.....
Posted by: Peter Brander, Denmark Posted on: 14. Jun 2009 at 12:04
Actually I don't read Mr. Blaylock's books for the story. I just enjoy the Characters. A guy who puts dollhouse-furniture in the spiders lair to impress some children is a guy worth knowing.
In this poll, I just ticked the books, I've read most times.
Posted by: Mike Posted on: 08. Jun 2009 at 12:05
I'm surprised only 7 people have voted...
Posted by: Jeff M. Posted on: 12. Dec 2007 at 10:10
The Balumnia books were easily my first choice, although The last Coin/Paper Grail were a very close second. Polls seem to be working brilliantly  Wink
Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 09. Dec 2007 at 20:49
Books have been broadly grouped together by theme or style - any "other" votes can be posted in a reply here.

If you can't decide on your favourite, you can vote for more than one category.