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Topic Summary - Displaying 4 post(s).
Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 27. Mar 2009 at 10:50
Fixed it - the forum still had all of the default word-censoring that was installed with the software.
Posted by: Peter Brander, Denmark Posted on: 27. Mar 2009 at 10:01
!!! it's not my fault!!!
I wrote the correct name for this famous american author, but the internet-censorship-computer didn't like the last word.

Philip Thingy - my "four-legged-animal-with-longer-ears-than-a-horse"!
Posted by: Peter Brander, Denmark Posted on: 27. Mar 2009 at 09:57
A funny little exercise that: Read the first chapter in a book, and see if you can guess the rest.

James Blaylock: It seems to be another novel about the weather (mainly rain).
Philip Dick: a small guy with small life-problems?
Orson Card: A juvenile about a smart kid?
John Irving: Ditto?
- Try it yourself. Its fun.

Pop-musicians usually put the strongest song as number one on the album. How many authors do likewise?
Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 26. Mar 2009 at 13:38
If you haven't already read these, I noticed that there are sample excerpts of
All the Bells on Earth


The Rainy Season

on the Shortcovers website. [NOTE: LINKS NOW DEAD]