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Posted by: Silver Posted on: 26. Oct 2012 at 17:20
Just posted another sample excerpt - this time it's one of the 18 biographies entries included in the book. The biographies section contains brief sketches of some of the people who've been influential in Blaylock's and Powers' books over the years.

The sample entry is for Roy A. Squires, who was an award-winning Science Fiction and Fantasy fan, book collector, book dealer and small press publisher who lived in Los Angeles and who was friends with the two authors until his death in the 80s:

For Blaylock fans, Squires also inspired the names of a couple of Blaylock's characters, and he also was the main character in the "Thirteen Phantasms" short story.
Posted by: Silver Posted on: 22. Sep 2012 at 10:05
We've posted a sample Bibliography entry for one of Blaylock's earliest books, The Elfin Ship:

In the sample entry, I explored some of the possible inspirations and coincidences around the evil dward character, Selznick, and literary influences and other details for the book.
Posted by: Forum Administrator Posted on: 31. Jul 2012 at 18:19
Very nice - looks like a beautifully-made book!
Posted by: Silver Posted on: 30. Jul 2012 at 12:51
I should also note that there are quite a lot of items listed in the book which are not listed in the bibliography here on the website -- the new book includes quite a number of foreign editions, alternate states of editions, forwards and afterwords he wrote for other author's works, and smaller publications which many may not have been previously aware of.

For instance, there are a number of times when Blaylock published short, nonfiction essays in little publications around his town of Orange, California, which give insight into his fiction and also reflect his nearly magical nostalgia of the area.

There are also instances where both he and/or Tim Powers have been mentioned in others' books, such as being used by characters in a novel by Dean Koontz or Philip K. Dick.

There have been a number of bibliographies published for Blaylock over time, but this one is much more expansive than previous ones, and lists hundreds of items.

I may post some outtake quotations, if any are interested.
Posted by: Silver Posted on: 24. Jul 2012 at 14:44
I'm pleased to announce that A Comprehensive Dual Bibliography of James P. Blaylock & Tim Powers has just been published:

It is being released in a limited edition of 50 copies, leatherbound, with some original short nonfiction essays by both Powers & Blaylock, along with some reminiscences about the authors from two of their friends, Amy Sterling-Casil (an author of fantastic fiction in her own right) and Christopher Arena. The books are signed by all contributors.

I personally sewed the signatures of pages, and hand-bound the books in real leather (most collectible books are bound in faux leather, even if they claim to be "leatherbound"), and I added a few decorative illustrations for the endpages, inspired by Blaylock's and Powers's stories. The books each have a "Pirate's Gold" coin inset in the covers.

The biblographic information is obsessively researched, including foreign editions, alternative states, ephemeral related items, reference books, and more. Entries are written up with full, traditional bookman's notations on sizing, and detailed bibliographic data.

Some information about the rarest items from the author's works over time is likely more deeply researched than any other reference in existence, revealing true limitation numbers in some cases. Biographical data about the authors, some of their friends and family, and other characters tangental to their book publications, is also included.

Those who buy copies of the books will be notified in advance of special upcoming auctions of some of the rarest collectible items involving the two authors which will come from some of the duplicates I obtained over the years while researching the book.

Information about the book: