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The Piltdown Man (Read 1826 times)

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The Piltdown Man
12. Jan 2005 at 04:13
Nova on PBS just broadcast a great new documentary on the Piltdown man hoax--who was responsible, how it happened, etc.

Blaylock tie-in: what fascinated me was all of the late 1800, early 1900 machinations between scientists, gentlemen scholars (gentlemen w/out standing at the Royal Academy of Science--who does that remind you of?), the British National Museum, etc.

Lord Kelvin wasn't mentioned, but was hovering in the wings, I hope, embarrassed at his once again being one-upped. Hasbro prudently reserved comment, it seems (and, of course).

As lagniappe, we have Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as a possible suspect, and mention of his spiritual photography belief (!). He lived a few miles from Piltdown at the time of the "discoveries," and may apparantly have (I think this very unlikely) perpetrated the hoax to get back at academic scientists who had savaged his belief in spiritualism at great expense to his reputation.

And for the coup de grace,  the Dawson findings (Dawson was, or was not (probably not) one of the ringleaders of the hoax, but was certainly one of the initial "discoverers" of the find) were initially housed in the *Hastings Museum*, which still exists.

_Two Views of a Cave Painting_, anyone?
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