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William Ashbless on Wikipedia (Read 2540 times)
Tom Stockman

William Ashbless on Wikipedia
06. Jul 2005 at 22:12
Someone--not me--created an entry on for fictional poet William Ashbless, and I've added several fairly bogus sections to that entry.

I invite you to come up with more.

I'm thinking we can add St. Ives-like sections and have some fun with this.
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Re: William Ashbless on Wikipedia
Reply #1 - 22. Apr 2006 at 17:32
Well, my fictional posts didn't last long, someone (correctly) pointed out that wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a forum for idiots like me to make fictional creative-writings.  

Oh well!  I might have to post them on my own site, or maybe open a new topic here.
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