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Dwarven cakes, cheese, and other food (Read 1274 times)

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Dwarven cakes, cheese, and other food
13. Dec 2005 at 01:33
I just saw this recipe for "Dwarven Women's Pumpkin Cake" -- it made me think of the cakes that were needed to make a proper Christmas for Twombly Town in The Elfin Ship:

It's apparently a recipe inspired by Lord of the Rings, but maybe apropo to report herein as well...

In like vein, I also found a recipe for Port Cheese:

I don't find Raisin Cheese, but I do see a recipe for Raisin-Cheese Blintzes:,5033,s6-53-88-0-5206,00.html

And, while it's not mentioned around Twombly Town, it might be apropo to point to a recipe for Fairy Cakes:,,177274_673444,00.html

(The Elfin Ship book was influenced by Lud-in-the-Mist, by Hope Mirrlees, wherein the characters were driven fey after eating "Fairy Food".)  Here's another, less-traditional recipe for Fairy Food:

Finally, it's great time to mention the recipes on the Weetabix website again:

Click under recipes and check out the pictures for the "Golden Glazed Fruit & Nut Loaf" and the "Shape & Bake Christmas Cookies"!

Did they intend the cookies to look like dried up tree leaves?!?

And, the Nut Loaf looks like one of the Abominations of Yondo or something!

The worst name award has to go to "Tempting Tart of Treacle", though.  

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