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Winter Tides (Read 2054 times)

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Winter Tides
09. Jul 2008 at 17:38
To me the name 'The Books and Stories' means there should be at least one thread for each book.

I just finished "Winter Tides" and I must say I was pleasently surprised, as well as slightly dissapointed.  While I enjoyed it, I think I enjoyed it the same way I've enjoyed novels by Dean Koontz, rather than other Blaylock novels.  That is to say, it almost seemed like it was trying to be serious.  

But when the villain Edmund began sneaking around, leaving little presents for people, it reminded me more of Blaylock's heroes than his villains.  Of course he was twisted and evil, but the main characters were just sort of plain and ordinary.  

Edmund became the most interesting character, and although I can't sympathize with any of his actions, I did wonder if he would have gotten that way without the influence of Elinor.
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