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Acres Of Books closing (Read 2180 times)

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Acres Of Books closing
04. Nov 2008 at 04:11
I received a "going out of business" flyer in my mail. If this is so, it is a great pity. This gigantic used bookstore has been doing business in Long Beach, Calif for over 60 years. It has appeared more than once in Blaylock's Fiction. His Characters browse through the stacks, looking through odd, dusty volumes. I first visited the store in 1988, I bought a pile of G.A. Hentys for $3 each. Old wonderful books. I live in the Antelope Valley now, but I took a trip there last Spring, it seemed to have lost some of it's magic- now it is all gone. This thing I'm typing seems to have changed all the rules, not always for the better.
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