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The Knights of the Cornerstone - at last! (Read 2256 times)
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The Knights of the Cornerstone - at last!
18. Nov 2008 at 17:59
Walked into my local SF&F bookstore in Old Town, Stockholm - and there it was on display among the new releases! Grabbed it instantly. That was last saturday. Well...its good. VERY good. Sweet and thrilling at the same time, like All the Bells of Earth meets The Paper Grail, but with a sensibility all of its own. To my mind, this is one of his very best if not THE best Blaylock novel of them all!  (As an added bonus I found three more blaylock-kind novels  at the same visit to the bookstore:"The Affinity Bridge" by George Mann //"Automata, clattering railway carriages, hansom cabs and 'pea soupers', gas lit streets and doffing of caps, gruff policemen, mad scientists, arrogant industrialists, sceances, pentagrams, addiction to laudanum and a few ravening zombies..."//, "The Kingdom beyond the Waves" by Stephen Hunt and "The Automatic Detective"  by A. Lee Martinez. What bounty to savour!)
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