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Message started by faere on 03. Jul 2006 at 15:31

Title: Blaylock news?
Post by faere on 03. Jul 2006 at 15:31

no real news of J Blaylock lately? teaching? writing? enjoying his summer? exploring a new Cheeser book plot? i know, i know--i'm barking, but the tree stands firm. considering i have a year until another Potter book comes out, it's torture not to have a new Cheeser book after all these years... i'm interested in the journey in the undersea device from Balumnia...  there was definitly reference to it when the group returned to Twombly Town.

Title: Re: Blaylock news?
Post by isabeats on 09. Jul 2006 at 01:21

faere- While I can't help you with any Blaylock news nor speed up the publication of the next Harry Potter book, I CAN recommend you try one of Jeffrey E Barlough's three novels: "Dark Sleeper", "The House in the High Wood", and "Strange Cargo". I haven't read "The House..." yet, but the other two are so fantastic I bet that one is also. The two I've read have the same quirky charm as Blaylock and I would definately want to re-read them repeatedly! I only just discovered him and am so happy I did.  One character's name may become my new screen name: Mr. Hicklebeep.

Title: Re: Blaylock news?
Post by faere on 10. Jul 2006 at 15:25

i'll give him a whirl--since i'm budgeted down to the socks this summer, maybe i'll try the library :)~ thanks!

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