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Message started by Chris Burdett on 07. Aug 2008 at 12:29

Title: Blaylock Items for Sale
Post by Chris Burdett on 07. Aug 2008 at 12:29

In an attempt to reduce the clutter on my already overstuffed shelves, I'm eliminating redundancies, a few of which are of the Blaylock variety. Ergo, I am offering for sale a handful of Blaylock items; most of them are magazines, anthologies, or small press publications wherein I first read short stories that were later included in Thirteen Phantasms—if you already have Thirteen Phantasms, you have all of these stories. However, if you are a completist, you might still find these attractive additions to your collection.

The items are:

* TriQuarterly 47 (Winter 1980), contains "The Pink of Fading Neon"

* Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine December 1984, "Nets of Silver and Gold"
* Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine February 1987, "Myron Chester and the Toads"
* Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine February 1991, "The Better Boy" (with Tim Powers)
* The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction February 1998, "The Old Curiosity Shop"
* Prize Stories 1990: The O. Henry Awards, "Unidentified Objects"
* When the Music's Over, "Bugs"
* Axolotl Press edition of "Two Views of a Cave Painting" and "The Idol's Eye" (also Kim Stanley Robinson's "Escape from Kathmandu")—signed by Blaylock, Dean R. Koontz (who wrote the introduction for Blaylock), Robinson, and Tim Powers (who wrote the other introduction)
* The Pulphouse Publishing Short Story Paperbacks edition of "Paper Dragons"
* The Subterranean Press edition of "Doughnuts," cover art by Tim Powers, signed by Blaylock and Powers
* also, I'm selling my signed, leather-bound copy of the Easton Press edition of The Paper Grail

My first wish is that these all find appreciative homes, rather than gathering dust in a used bookstore or Goodwill outlet; if I make back what I paid for them as well, I'll be happy.

If you're interested, send me an offer at

Title: Blaylock Items for (almost) Free
Post by Chris Burdett on 11. Sep 2008 at 10:11

(*Sigh*) It's been over a month since I posted the message above, and though 58 people have looked at it, no one has expressed any interest, and the magazines and books are still gathering dust on my shelf.

So here's my new offer: Send me five bucks (to cover mailing them, and the tiny bit of gas it takes to drive the three miles to the post office), and the Blaylock items listed below can gather dust on your shelf.

Really, I'm not trying to make money on this; I've even given up on making back what I paid for the books. I'd just like to know they're going to someone who would appreciate them (and who has more available shelf space than I do).

I'll even dust them off before I send them.  ;)

If you're interested, write to me at

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