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Message started by Chris Burdett on 02. Jul 2015 at 00:31

Title: Twenty-One Blaylock Books for Sale!
Post by Chris Burdett on 02. Jul 2015 at 00:31

Twenty-One Blaylock Books for Sale!

My wife and I are preparing to move in a couple of years, and we're starting now to get our house ready to go on the market then. One of the things I've decided this means is (*sigh*) reducing our 2,500-book collection down to a number a little less cluttering for a middle-class home. Among the books I've decided I can part with are many of my Blaylocks, which once meant a lot to me but which I haven't actually read (or even particularly noticed) in quite a long time. You can see the books here:

There are twenty-one books altogether, comprising fifteen different titles -- six of them are represented here in both hardback and paperback. Most of the hardbacks are first printings; a couple of them are perhaps rare or hard to find. If you can't tell what they all are from the picture, send me a message at the e-mail address below.

I would prefer to sell the whole lot of them in one feel swoop to one person, though I will entertain offers for individual books if there's one you need to complete your collection.

I'm more concerned with placing these (whether as a set or individually) in appreciative home(s) than with making money; I know if I took the box of them to Goodwill, they'd just sit on the shelf in a Goodwill store somewhere, gathering dust. (I don't reject the possibility of making enough cash out of this to buy a pizza and a Dr Pepper, however.) If you're interested in all of these books, or perhaps just one, send me an offer at (Do make sure your offer would at least cover shipping, okay?)

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