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Message started by Swancrash on 06. Mar 2018 at 01:09

Title: Squids in Cyberspace
Post by Swancrash on 06. Mar 2018 at 01:09

I stumbled across a website the other day called 'Laughing Squid'. Although I know virtually nothing about this website, it does have a wonderful, possibly Blaylockian name. Its self-description is: "A daily dose of unique art, culture and technology". So...could be, could be a Blaylock fan running it. I wonder if it has any whimsy.
I don't know if there are other examples of squids on the internet, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Title: Re: Squids in Cyberspace
Post by Forum Administrator on 09. Mar 2018 at 15:42

Sounds like a good name for a paddle-wheel steamer, or a pub...

Title: Re: Squids in Cyberspace
Post by Mike on 29. Jul 2018 at 03:01

In San Francisco my wife and I encountered a "Pirate Store" which was actually a front for a free reading/writing workshop. I remember they had "Giant Squid Repellent" as one of their novelty gifts. I'm not sure if you can buy it online...

As a game developer I have also encountered TurboSquid, which is an online repository for 3D art. Not really as whimsical as it sounds, so I doubt there is any connection to Blaylock there.  

Truly, outside of Blaylock, Gary Larson, H.P. Lovecraft and my own humble efforts, I feel that squids, and cephalopods in general, are under-represented in literature.

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