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Skopje Macedonia, Vienna Austria Book Tour K.V. Johansen

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Macedonia & Vienna Travel Log

Part Six: Galičnik & Cheese

A few pictures from the trip up to the village of Galičnik in the mountains. Galičnik is almost a ghost village now, except in the summer. Our hosts welcomed us to a meal of white sheep cheese (unripened -- the yellow ripened cheeses aren't availble until May), raika, which is rather like brandy but richer in flavour, and a type of fine-grained cornmeal porridge served with thick clotted sheep cream, which had a tangy taste -- it was probably actually sour cream soured by culturing with something. Very unusual and tasty. Also very filling! The road up to Galičnik was very narrow, with terrifying sharp curves and drop-offs, as well as drifts one or two metres high, once one rose up above the primrose-filled beechwoods of the lower slopes, into the raw limestone and juniper of the heights. The view was amazing.
  Tonight was also the opening of the book fair. The Vermilion booth is quite eyecatching, with a big poster for Torrie and one for the Macedonian translation of the Peter Pan sequel. But there will be more about the fair later.

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