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Skopje Macedonia, Vienna Austria Book Tour K.V. Johansen

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Macedonia & Vienna Travel Log

Part Eight:The Caravanserai

A few photos of the caravanserai which is part of the National Museum. I visited there quickly before going to the Day of Canadian Culture at the University American College of Skopje, where I took part in a discussion of fantasy literature with Prof. Vlada Urosevic and Prof. Lidija Lapusevska–Drakulevska The National Museum was displaying all the artefacts from the 2009 excavation season around the country; it was very interesting to see again the long span of human history in this region. The museum shop sells nice reproductions of things like Roman oil lamps and Neolithic goddesses, so I bought a few souvenirs to bring home, too. Next, I'm off to the Skopje Book Fair and the launch of the Macedonian Torrie and the Snake-Prince.



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