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Homunculus by James Blaylock Steampunk
Latest re-publication by Titan Books (UK),
February 2013, ISBN:9780857689825

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Originally Published by Ace, 1986.
Ace ISBN 0-441-34258-2
Morrigan (UK), 1988.
Reprinted by Babbage Press, 2000 ISBN: 1930235135

"Does the night seem uncommonly full of dead men and severed heads to you?" Langdon St. Ives, Victorian scientist-of-leisure, grapples with the vivisectionist, animator-of-the-dead Narbondo. Homunculi, the late Joanna Southcote, and carp run amok in late-Victorian London.

Titan Books' cover blurb: It is the late 19th century and a mysterious airship orbits through the foggy skies. Its terrible secrets are sought by many, including the Royal Society, a fraudulent evangelist, a fiendish vivisectionist, an evil millionaire and an assorted group led by the scientist and explorer Professor Langdon St. Ives. Can St. Ives keep the alien homunculus out of the claws of the villainous Ignacio Narbondo?

Will Ferret, illustrator of the Morrigan edition, has provided copies of his illustrations here.

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